Friday, August 22, 2014

(Review) : Egyptian Magic Cream

Hello Beauty..

Today I will share about my night skincare. I'm using Egyptian Magic Cream for a few months. This is an all natural , multi purpose, healing skin and hair cream to benefit the entire family. It made from six of nature's most powerful moisturizing and healing ingredients. It improves your complexion, heals scars, relieves many skin ailments, leaves your hair with a lustrous sheen and more. It can use for skin moisturizer, anti wrinkle skincare, makeup remover, makeup primer, shaving cream, lip balm, reduce acne, diaper rashes, skin rashes, stretch marks, skin irritation, chapped lips, healing burns, healing scars, treating cuts, natural hair conditioner, and many more.

Ingredients : Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Honey Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Bee Propolis.

Texture : It's really solid in the jar, but it will melt into oil after contact with the skin. 

How to use :
Normal usage
1. Cleanse your face thoroughly.
2. Follow by toner.
3. Take out around (1-2 drop size of 20cents), using your finger and palm to gently rub the balm and apply onto your desired area (face area).
4. Slowly massage into your skin. It will absorb less than 5 seconds.
5. Use for day and night.
** Usage varies from individual.
** Dry skin users can apply more of EM Cream.
** Oily skin and/or combination skin also recommended to use with appropriate amount.
** For scar healing users, please add appropriate amount on the scar area follow with gentle massage to absorb and heal the scar faster. 
Whitening method

* This is a whitening massage and mask method.

1. Cleanse your face thoroughly.

2. Follow by toner and wait after 2 min start the whitening method step.

3. Apply around 50 cents coin size all over the face and neck area.

4. Gently massage the whole face with your finger and palm. If you want to lighten your acne scar may spend more time to massage on specify area.

5. After massage, use a warm temperature wet cloth facial towel to cover the whole face for 5 mins.

6. Discard the wet towel and cleanse away the excessive cream on the face.

Make up base method
** This method is raved by Hollywood make up artist Gucci Westman.
1. Apply thin layer of EM Cream all over the face before putting foundation.
2. You will find your make up able to last whole day long.
Body massage method
1. EM Cream can replace any of your body base oil to do body massage.
2. Mixed with your desired favor aroma oil with EM Cream for body massage will improve your skin elasticity, firming and toning as well.
Hair treatment
1. Apply hair end of hair wash. Able to repair split end, moisture hair end, repair damaged hair.
Shaving method
1. Apply before shaving will help in reducing the sensitiveness and redness after shaved.
2. Apply after shaving to protect the fragile shaved area.

I have combination type skin so I just using it as my night skincare. My skin look shiny at first but after letting it absorb into the skin its very smooth and moist. I have full jar (118 ml / 4 oz), it can lasts for years because I just using small amount. So it can save your money too. ^^

Thanks for read my blog ^^


  1. i can see that you make full use of the cream :D it's half full already :D

    1. Yup. I'm already using this cream for 4-5 months and i just start writing my blog this month. My skin is better than before. ^^

  2. i've never heard about this before :0 thanks for the info

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