Monday, September 1, 2014

(Review) : Sephora Medium Shopping Bag Makeup Palette

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I want to share about one of my makeup palette. I already have it for almost 4 months, but I rarely using this. It is Sephora Medium Shopping Bag Makeup Palette. It contains 36 eyeshadows, 12 lip glosses, 4 blushes, and 2 bronzers.

The package comes in a cute, makeup bag shape that is fairly small so it's great for travel and on the go. And it have nice size mirror with the magnetic closure. The blushes/bronzers are hidden in the compartment on either side of palette, just pull them out from the bottom.

The palette had a nice range of brights, neutrals and primary colors. The range of colors is perfect for any look. 

The lip glosses are creamy, not sticky, doesn't smell or taste anything. It have nice range colors and good pigmentation. They are good enough for quickly enhancing lips with bit of color.

 Lip glosses, First column

Lip glosses, Second column

The palette contains 36 shimmer and glitter finish. The shimmery more pigmented and rich in color. Eye shadow primer is recommended for long wear and better blending.

Eyeshadows, First column (R to L in palette)

 Eyeshadows, Second column (R to L in palette)

 Eyeshadows, Third column (R to L in palette)

 Eyeshadows, Fourth column (R to L in palette)

 Eyeshadows, Fifth column (R to L in palette)

Eyeshadows, Sixth column (R to L in palette)

The blushes/bronzers pigmentation and color selection is awesome. It can use for daily natural look.

Blush/Bronzers (R to L in palette)

(+) Amazing selection of shades 
(+) Nice packaging
(+) Pigmented
(+) Easy to blend
(+) Good value for money
(+) Perfect to practice for beginner

(-) Can't use large brush for blushes and bronzer because they are close one to another

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  1. Hi, kamu beli palette yg di store mana ya? Kok beda ya warnanya sama punyaku aku beli di sephora kokas april kemarin.