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Contact lenses is one favorite item that many woman (or man) using right now. Using contact lenses can give different appearance. Your eyes will look bigger and prettier. So many people with small eyes (like me) will love using contact lenses. Today I will review about Lenzsa. Lensza is the first and bigger online contact lenses shop from Indonesia which sell many branded contact lenses with lower price than the optics. You can buy clear lenses, coloured lenses and lenses solutions.

So this is the website :

The website is very simple and easy to use. 

This time I want to try New Look contact lenses. This contact lenses produce by Gelflex Australia. Many blogger recommend this so I want to try myself.

 For daily appearance I like using natural contact lenses. So I choose New Look Wonder Brown. The ordering process is simple; choose whether you want clear or coloured lenses, choose your brand, and then select your lens power. You can get identical or different levels for the left and right eyes for the same price. 

For the solutions I choose O2 Multi Purpose Solution with Oxygen from Omega. This solution help cleaning and moisten your lenses.  

 You can pay with Bank Transfer, ATM, Credit Card and even offers a COD (Cash On Delivery) in select cities. Lensza offers free shipping around the Jabodetabek area. But because I live in Borneo (different islands) I just have two option payment which is Bank Transfer and ATM. You will get order confirmation on your email. After you pay you have to confirm the payment via whatsapp, line or just click confirmation button on your email. If your payment already received you will get another email that tell your payment is done. For my order I get this around one week. This is normal delivery time to my address. So this is my package :

The packaging is good, the box is quite big, hard and thick. It wrap with bubble wrap too. So you don't have to worry your package get broken. I will review about the lenses on my next post. 
I recommend this online store to everyone. 
Smart People, Buy Contacts Online. 


Website :
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