Thursday, May 7, 2015

(Review) : Etude House Oh m'Eye Line #1 Black

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Eyeliner is a must item to wear for me. I always using eyeliner when I'm going out. I think eyeliner can change your eyes, make it bigger and prettier. ^^
Etude House is one of my favourite brand. They have good product and cute packaging. Today I want to review eyeliner from Etude House. It is Etude House Oh m'Eye Line #1 Black. Besides black color, it have brown and grey color.

This highly pigmented, smudge-proof liquid liner goes on smoothly for precise application and creates strong, beautiful lines that last. (Etude House Indonesia)

 Name : Etude House Oh m'Eye Line
Shade : #1 Black
Price : IDR 52.000
Volume : 5 ml
Made In : Korea

The packaging is quite unique, it have small packaging tube with black color. Other blogger says another shade have different color on the bottle. It comes with brush tip which is very easy to use. It gives the right amount so you can draw the line with ease. The shape of the tip is sharp and thin so you can draw a very thin line or thick line.

It have thick liquid texture. It dry quite fast and when it dries it gives matte finish.

The color is highly pigmented and quite intense. With just one layer it gives very black color. 

It can last longer, I can wear it well for the rest of the day, not fading at all.

When I rub it hard after dries, it does stay. It didn't move or smudge. Then I put some water and it still stay but after I rub it when still wet it will remove and becomes flakes just like flakes from mascara. So it is smudgeproof but not really waterproof.

This is a wonderful eyeliner. The price is affordable and can last longer. The color is very pigmented and easy to use. It also smudgeproof so it doesn't smudge on my eyelids and gives me panda eyes. ^^

(+) Highly pigmented color
(+) Affordable price
(+) Long wearing 
(+) Matte finish
(+) Smudgeproof
(+) Easy to use

(-) Not waterproof

That's it for my review. I hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for reading my blog.
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