Tuesday, April 28, 2015

(Review) : Maybelline Color Sensational So Nude #NU32S

Hiii everyone..

I want to review another lipstick from Maybelline. It is Maybelline Color Sensational So Nude #NU32S. It is described as nude color lipstick but I think it more to pinkish color. 

So completely natural yet so sizzling, it's sensational. With coral pigment to give natural nude color, fresh and not pale on the lips, it also contain honey nectar to nourishing lips to keep lips moist and healthy. 

Name : Maybelline Color Sensational So Nude
Shade : #NU32S
Price : IDR 72.900
Net Wt : 0.13oz/3.9g

The package is simple and standard like other Maybelline lipstick. It have plastic transparent peachy colored cap with shiny silver on the bottom. You can see the shade of the lipstick on the bottom of the package. It have quite big size compare to my other lipstick.

It have pinkish color with hint of glitter which is pretty for me. It gives your lips pretty pink natural color. The color is quite pigmented. 

It have smooth and creamy texture also glides smoothly on the lips and finished with a bit of sheen on it. It doesn't make my lips feel dry, it feels smooth and moist.

Around 4-5 hours, and it will fade a bit if you eating or drinking.

I love this lipstick because it have pretty pink color and the price is quite cheap. It just like of your lips color but it gives better result. Your lips will look smooth, moist and healthy. It gives glossy and shiny finish. You can use it directly without put some lipbalm before or lipgloss after.

(+) The color is pigmented
(+) Pretty pink natural color
(+) The price is very affordable
(+) Glossy and shiny finish
(+) Moisturizing

(-) None for me ^^

That's it for my review. I hope you like it. 
Thanks for reading my blog.
See you on my next post.

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