Monday, January 12, 2015

(Review) : Maybelline Color Show Lipstick #205 Red Siren

Hi Beauty..

How are everyone in this new year? I hope this year will be better than last year and all of my wish will come true. I'm a lippie person, so I have more lip product than other make up. So today I will review about lipstick from Maybelline which is Maybelline Color Show Lipstick #205 Red Siren. Maybelline Color Show Lipstick is a fashionable intense lipstick, which comes in chic to vivid shades. Maybelline Color Show Lipstick is highly pigmented giving bold lips. This is my first red lipstick, I'm usually just buy pink or peach lipstick. I love natural make up, but this time I want to try something more bold make up with red lipstick. 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION (Maybelline Indonesia) :

- 15 choices of favorite color
- Smooth texture and moisturizing the lips
- The color stays up to 6 hours

IDR 31.000,-


3,9 g

The package is simple nice looking. It is made from black glossy plastick with red ornament on the body and bottom of the package. The color of ornament is show the color of the lipstick. The red listick will have red ornament, pink lipstick will have pink ornament, plum lipstick have purple ornament and so on. The new lipstick have plastick wrap with Maybelline Color Show text on it, if we open it the lipstick will be naked.

Red siren is bright red shade with orange undertone. This is not the kind of lipstick I will use for everyday but I think it will look perfect for night out. It have great pigmentation. Just one swipe is enough to give you nice coverage. With two or three swipes you get full opaque coverage.


Maybelline Lipstick Red Siren stayed on me for 3 to 4 hours. If you eating or drinking anything, you definitely need a touch up. It does leave a mild stain on the lips. 


The lipstick is really moisturizing. It glides well on the lips and the texture is quite creamy and soft. The smell is amazing just like bubblegum scent, I love it.

So this is my picture using the lipstick. What do you think? ^^


It makes my lips feel moisturized and it have glossy finish. The pigmentation is good and the staying power is quite nice too. It has no shimmer, creamy, glides weel on the lips and doesn't settle on the fine lines. The price is very affordable too. It fade off when you drinking or eating, but you can touch up again, right? It think it suites weel for all skin tones too, so if you have light or dark skin tone you must try this lipstick.

(+) Very affordable
(+) Moisturizing
(+) Creamy
(+) Nice smell
(+) Glides well
(+) Good pigmentation
(+) Good staying power
(+) Doesn't settle on the fine lines
(+) Suite almost all skin tones

(-) Fade off when drinking or eating

That's it for my review. Hope you like it!
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